TOS(Terms of Service)

By donating, you're supporting the costs of running this server and maintaining it. This includes the expense for the rental of the server equipment, protection against DDOS, new scripts/sprites, and server advertisement in RMS, and Voting sites. In return, you will be rewarded donation credit points(DCP) that you may use to purchase items in our item shop.

Alternative Payment Options

These are just alternative way of donating. Click I understand below if you want to donate using your credit card.
Guide to Western Union or Payza
Certified DCP Seller's
Before you make your donation please read the following

  • Your donation are not refundable.
  • Chargebacks or unauthorized transactions may result in temporary to a permanent ban depending on the status of the case
  • All ordered items are final and are not refundable once the item is obtained in-game.
Still need assistance? please send us an e-mail to